Friday, October 5, 2007

BeerClipse Meetings?

I just read Ian's blog about demo camps.

An interesting thought.

In addition to this sort of one-time thing, perhaps we could do something like the 2600 meetings. Set a standard time, like the second Friday of the month or something like that, to be the standard day for meetings. Then, people could locally organize their own meetings at that time at their local foodcourt/pub/whatever.

The 2600 meetings range from organized events with actual agendas and presentations, to informal "let's show up and shoot the breeze about hacking" meetings. The nature of the meeting is up to the organizers.

I think you could do something similar for Eclipse and have it be pretty successful. If nothing else. the promise that committers will be there will definitely draw in the user and contributer community because they'll want to corner us and ask questions. And if they don't show, there would always be stuff that we committer folk could talk about amongst ourselves over some frosty beverages.

What do people think about this idea? Would you participate on a regular basis?

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